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Interview by Brock Reed




If you have seen this man skid you know he does not hold back, and he has copped his fair share of disqualifications for sending it back up the entry lane or even tipping in mid powerskid. If you remember the car you'll notice it used to be blue and had different wheels and interior. This VL is one tough rig and has just undergone a major rebuild. The car is now updated and Chris wanted to keep the car as good as powerfull as it was before. To do that he turned to the guys at Active Automotive to build him a 360 cubic inch, meth injected, dry sump LS with a big and ugly hat that makes around 1000hp. The car also runs a T400 gear box and a 9" diff getting those wheels burning rubber under the Rear tubs. The VL also now has updated interior with black leather and red diamond stitch that matches the red candy paint on the exterior done by Kustom Panel and Paint. The car is topped off with some walky wheels with white walls done by Static White Walling. 



We asked Chris why he loves burnouts and his reply was "I like burnouts because i like thrashing things, cars, boats, bikes i don't discriminate they all cop it". I'm sure we all know that by the way he drives this thing, check out his debut burnout with this rig by clicking HERE. That was his first burnout and it was one of the best burnouts i have seen from this car. Chris loves the 50m x 50m pad at bindoon and loves to party there. In the future of the scene Chris would like to see video replays for judging so the resluts can be more accurate, this would mean live video recording and every bit of action caught on camera to watch. We then asked Chris what car he woulddrive if he could and his reply was "nothing really jumps out at me, i guess anything blown injected that pulls some rpm and the driver that wants to see the limits of their car pushed". 


Picture: Photography by T . WHITE


If you want to keep up with Chris and his car follow his page "BALLISTIC VL CALAIS" on instagram and facebook. 


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