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CAR: 1997 VS UTE


If your looking for a cheap and reliable burnout car this is the perfect car to look at for inspiration. This is Joel's freshly built burnout car that has just been put through it's paces at this years Summernats 32. The powerplant built by Shane Alex is a LS2 with a stock bottom end, big lumpy cam and a holley high rise manifold with twin holley throttle bodies, ran on methanol that now makes 484hp at the wheels. Joel has picked a simple yet reliable party ute that performs well and doesnt cost much to get parts for #LSTHEWORLD. 

Photo by Setho's Photography 

This build took Joel 2 years to build but he has now had the opportunity to take it to Summernats on the new "SKID ROW".  We asked Joel why he likes burnouts so much and what made him want to be a competitior himself and he said " I just love the atmosphere it brings, the people i've met and helped me out with the build have all got the same interest in burnouts so it's become a small team". Joel also said he would love to just be able to cut sick on an airport runway which im sure just about everyone does. Joel lives up in Queensland where there is not many pads or comps and Joel says "I would love to see a few more bigger comps up here in Brisbane or even just some private pads to go practice on. I belive the sport could really grow up in this area if more pads and events were running". 

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