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This car never stops suprising, It's a small block chev powered Holden Cruze. The car runs on methanol and goes through roughly 60 litres of it every burnout luckily there is a 100L fuel cell sitting tight in the boot. The engine has all the goodies including Dart heads, Motown block cullies crank and rods and a littlefield 8/71 Blower with a teflon edge short and ugly hat all assembled by BNR engines. The gearbox is a 2 speed powerglide  with a 5000 converter, and in the rear it's a 9" diff with rear ladder bar system, coil over suspension and 4" to 5"exhaust system to extract the fumes straight out the rear end. Jason says "the enterior is pretty much standard but runs a racepak data system also. 

Did you ever look at this car and think: "Why a Holden Cruze" well jason says "Love the look of the Holden Cruze, they are a great looking car although it needed a small block chev in it". The build took 6 months and it has now been out and around the country already seeing big events such as: Red Centre Nats, Summernats, Supernats and springnats shepparton. Jason says he loves burouts because "Burnouts just give you a buzz like no other satisfaction. Makes you feel alive and makes your nerves go crazy", im sure everyone can agree on that one. Jason would like to see less political "bullshit" in the future of the burnout scene and community. Jasons favourite pad is Perth's Barbagelo Raceway, and if you would like to see this thing doing a burnout click HERE.


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